You can do it…

We get SO many women telling us they just “can’t do it”, or that they’d be “too nervous”. Trust me, I get it! I have done multiple Boudoir Sessions myself and each time I was nervous. Then when I was done, I felt AMAZING, powerful, beautiful, and confident. That is what we strive for ALL of our clients to feel when they’re done with their Boudoir Session. We get so wrapped up in the day to day of our lives, being wives, Girlfriends, Moms and so many other things to SO many other people. This strips that all away and lets you see how amazing and beautiful you are, just YOU! With everything in my soul I recommend every woman do this. I will forever cherish my photos, even if I was just four months post baby body, and at my almost heaviest, I still felt amazing that I did it! You can do it too. Don’t let that fear hold you back from an experience that will be amazing. We have an all female team (Assistant, Photographer, and Makeup Artist), and we strive to make every woman feel her most comfortable and most fabulous.


Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Sessions are $499 for a two hour session at a location in the San Antonio area. We will have numerous email consultations about your session beforehand, so you feel more than ready with outfit choices to make you feel fabulous for your session. During your session we typically have time for 3-4 outfit changes. We have an amazing professional makeup artist that will be there to give you that full glam feeling. Galleries will be available two weeks after your session, to view and order your Photos. Your Gallery contains 25+ fully edited images for your choosing, in Color and Black & White. Your session includes an 8x10 Fine Art Book & 5 Digital Images of your choosing.

*All other Prints, Products, and Digital Images are sold separately. Print & Digital packages start at $250.


You’ll never regret it

We have had SO many husbands contact us, thanking us for their wives’ beautiful images; which of course is amazing. The emails, the videos of their hubbies opening the books with wide eyes and excitement…wonderful. But what really makes us the most proud is when a client contacts us and tells us how amazing she feels that she did it and that the photos made her feel more beautiful than she ever has…that is why we do it.